"Casa Gentile"very popular in the city, 1901, pharmacist class, inherited and enlarged a House whose earliest records date back to 1897, transforming it in the building where today is located our bed and breakfast.

We are his grandchildren and you call this bed and breakfast "Casa Gentile"wants to be a tribute to this person for us so dear and special.

This elegant ancient residence, with a large garden, parking spaces and a garage, is in a residential area and only 5 minutes walk from the old town and the Lake.

We then decided to dedicate a portion of the ground floor our guests by creating a romantic and family environment complete with every comfort.

The furnishings and finishes of 3 rooms, one double room with private bathroom, one single and one double with bathroom on the floor, and the breakfast room reflect the character and history of the House and allow guests to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and intimate.

We want home Friendly you feel on holiday but also at home, while enjoying a chilled glass of white wine in the garden after an excursion by boat on Lake Como or a stroll through the medieval streets of the historic center.

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